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First Home Owner Grants Brisbane

First Home Owner Grants Brisbane

Buy Your First Home with First Home Owner Grants in Brisbane

What if you could buy your first house with competitive first homeowner grants in Brisbane? With My1Home, you can do just that. We know that it can be overwhelming and financially stressful to buy your first home. We make it easier by helping you every step along the way, from the deposit and the financing to the home design itself. If you want your first home also to be your dream home, we are the people to call.

What You Can Expect from My1Home Regarding New Home Owner Grants in Brisbane

When you decide to work with My1Home to explore new homeowner grants in Brisbane, here are a few things you can expect us to do to simplify the experience for you.

  • We help you access grant funding. You might assume that grant funding for buying a house is inaccessible to any first-time buyers, but you’d be wrong. If you live in Queensland, are a first-time buyer, have a job and are currently renting, we can get you financial assistance to help you purchase land and build a brand-new home. All you need to do is put down a $1,000 deposit. From there, we’ll help you get a $15,000 first home owner’s grant and then match it with a $15,000 contribution from My1Home. That’s a $31,000 deposit for your first home, with only a small amount paid out-of-pocket by you! 
  • We work with you to help you finance your home. The deposit is only the first step, of course. Even if you meet first homeowner grant eligibility in Brisbane, mortgage financing is still a factor. Fortunately, we’re there to help you with that as well, using our connections with numerous local mortgage brokers to help you get approved for sufficient financing. 
  • We help you build your dream home. Once you’ve found a location you like, we’ll work closely with you and with some of the finest home builders in Australia to brainstorm, design and build a true dream home for you. We have countless turnkey designs for you to choose from, or you can go the 100 percent custom route. 


Tips for Getting More Value out of First Home Owner Grants in Brisbane

Our goal, every time, is to give our clients homes that they will truly love. To make the process even easier, keep these tips in mind:

  • Know where you want to live. Believe it or not, our system allows clients to live just about anywhere they’d like to live in Queensland. Keep in mind factors such as work and school locations, nearby amenities and property pricing when eyeing potential spots to build. Once you select your preferred location, we can get to work on our end of the process. 
  • Know how you want to live. How big do you want your house to be? How do you want it to look? What fixtures, finishes or specific features do you have in mind? Coming in with a list of things you want in your dream home will make choosing an ideal design easier. 
  • Get started now. Why delay? Paying money in rent each month, without building equity in a home, is a waste. Instead, apply for a first homeowner grant in Brisbane today to see if you qualify for grant funding.


About My1Home

At My1Home, our true passion is helping first-time homebuyers find land they love and build homes they adore. We love seeing the look on our clients’ faces when they discover that they can qualify for first homeowner grants in Brisbane. To learn more about us, or to ask any questions you might have about the first homeowner grant application in Brisbane, get in touch with us today.